Pay It Forward in Real Life

Last winter was a pretty rainy one here in the Bay Area.  I can’t remember what happened exactly, but I found myself in the city without my umbrella.  This is unusual because I carry an umbrella in my computer bag.  Perhaps I left it out because it was wet. Anyway, Read more…

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News in Slow

Learn and practice listening to foreign languages with News in Slow. The episodes are short (usually <10 minutes) and the speakers go over current events and then do a quick language lesson.  It's quick, interesting, relevant, and helpful.  Oh. And the speakers speak VERY slowly so learners like me can follow along.

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Internet Stuff

Pre-Ordering iPhone X

Me: One iPhone icksten, pleez. Apple: NO. WE CANNOT FIND YOUR WIRELESS ACCOUNT. YOU ARE DEAD TO US UNLESS YOU WANT TO BUY EXTRA MOVES IN CANDY CRUSH. Me: Wow. Ok. It’s a corporate wireless account. That’s probably why. If you’ll just sell me the device, I can handle the Read more…

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Our Journey

The Right Thing to Say

On the latest episode of her Happier podcast, Gretchen Rubin asked her readers to come up with things that they’d rather hear than perhaps other things that actually get said.  Since I’ve been complaining about the irrelevant/obvious/condescending/silly things that people say to expecting parents, I figured it would be more Read more…

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It Takes One to Tango

There’s a really great interview with Winifred Reilly on The Art of Charm. She’s the author of It Takes One to Tango and she debunks several common myths about successful relationships. Her comments are so good that I’m definitely going to read her book.

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