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Pre-Ordering iPhone X

Me: One iPhone icksten, pleez. Apple: NO. WE CANNOT FIND YOUR WIRELESS ACCOUNT. YOU ARE DEAD TO US UNLESS YOU WANT TO BUY EXTRA MOVES IN CANDY CRUSH. Me: Wow. Ok. It’s a corporate wireless account. That’s probably why. If you’ll just sell me the device, I can handle the Read more…

By Trey McIntyre, ago
Internet Stuff

Not a Paid Promotion

Husby and I have, for reasons that are beyond my ability to explain, purchased a bunch of new pictures and had them framed for our new place.  After looking at a lot of different sites, we’ve ended up using Frame It Easy. They aren’t superfancy, but the work is good. Read more…

By Trey McIntyre, ago
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Be on the lookout for this new teen craze. If you don’t talk to your children about astrophysics, someone else will. And, trust me, this is not something you want them learning on the streets! Source: Dank Matter Astrophysics Memes on Facebook

By Trey McIntyre, ago
Internet Stuff

Security Update

Last night, I received an email from Facebook saying that I had registered using a particular email address.  I checked out everything with the email (all the links were directed to, the sender was [I verified that that’s Facebook’s sending domain], and the text of the email as Read more…

By Trey McIntyre, ago
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