My 2019 Theme: Moments

In past years, I’ve had themes that are variations on productivity, such as “focus” and “drive” and “OMG. GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER AND DO THE STUFF YOU SAY YOU WANT TO DO ALL READY!” So, in 2019, I’m choosing another theme along those same lines: “moments.”

Resort Review: Marquis Los Cabos

SUMMARY: (3 of 5 stars) This is a nice, if a little small, all-inclusive, adults-only resort lodged on a steep hill next to the ocean. Gorgeous views, decent service, and acceptable food. Our trip would have been improved without myriad minor inconveniences and if it had been shorter or had been with a group of friends.

Happiness Hypothesis: What Are My Strengths?

Online quizzes aren’t the best psychological instruments, obviously, but I tried to approach the quiz with openness and honesty. And not only do these results reflect things I identified with my exercises with Kelsey, but they reflect feedback I received from several of my friends when I asked them to identify my top three strengths.