What is Free Will?

What do people actually mean when they talk about free will or volition?  I don't have any answers to that question, but I think about it from time to time and I thought this time I would jot down some of my thoughts.

By Trey McIntyre, ago

Pay It Forward in Real Life

Last winter was a pretty rainy one here in the Bay Area.  I can’t remember what happened exactly, but I found myself in the city without my umbrella.  This is unusual because I carry an umbrella in my computer bag.  Perhaps I left it out because it was wet. Anyway, Read more…

By Trey McIntyre, ago
LGBT Stuff

Crossposted from FB

I originally wrote this as a FB post and decided to float it over here. I know. Most of my remaining Objectivist friends will already agree with me here. And the rest are probably tired of hearing me go on about this. But this topic gets me really fired up Read more…

By Trey McIntyre, ago