A Message from Another Couple

Our baby is stuck right now in a cosmic waiting room and we need your help buying safe passage to bring him here! We have a seemingly impossible dream to be great dads so we made a video about it and we hope you like it.


Hi, we’re Ulises and Ignacio, two guys trying desperately to bring a baby into this world through gestational surrogacy. What’s gestational surrogacy you ask? Please see the FAQ section at the link below.

Ulises – High school biology teacher in Long Beach, California

Ignacio – Works as a community educator and editor for the LAPD Hollenbeck Police Activities League

So we’ve been crazy in love with each other for over 10 years, and with love, sweat, and tears, we have managed to create a cute little life for ourselves here in Long Beach, California. We both come from large beautiful families and are blessed with a wonderful support system of friends. Yet, something big still feels like it’s missing.

The considerable price tag of IVF and surrogacy makes it somewhat cost prohibitive for two people on teachers salaries like us. But we are determined to make this happen! If you would like more information about our story, about the process of surrogacy, IVF, egg donation, etc, visit us the links below. We have a FAQ section and are more than happy to answer your questions about our journey 🙂


Everything is Chemicals

Our hunt for an IVF doctor continues.  Today, I filled out the health history questionnaire and one of the questions was actually, “Have you ever been exposed to chemicals?”

I answered, “Yes.”

And it asked for details, so I wrote, “Everything is chemicals.”

I realize that this is a flippant response to a serious question, but it’s a stupid question even if it was asked in earnest.  While I may be slightly more science-literate than many, I am FAR from being a doctor and even farther from being a specialist in human reproduction. So, if you are a specialist in reproduction and you are trying to help a layperson, you can’t ask questions like this with any hope of getting useful information.

Have I been drinking from any of those yellow barrels I see lying around in Fallout 4? No, of course not. I don’t even let my adventurer lady in Fallout 4 drink that stuff.

But do I clean the bathtub with substances that are specifically designed to rain death and destruction on anything that may be living in there? Yes. Yes, I do. Could that affect my ability to produce healthy sperm? I don’t know, and this doctor seems to be keeping a lid on such important details for the moment.

So, we’ll see.  I need to go get a sip of dihydrogen monoxide now. I’m feeling parched.

Head, Shoulders, Penis, Vagina!

Great piece over at Jezebel: OMFG Teach Your Kids Accurate Names for Body Parts Already

I’ve always said I would teach my children the proper names for their body parts. Like the author, I’ve always thought it was stupid how twitchy people are about basic anatomy. And it’s not just the parts in your pants, either. A person will blow their nose in such a way that you can actually see snot and not think anything of it, but as soon as someone sees a boob all hell breaks loose.

Here’s the part of the Jezebel piece that really hits me:

I just don’t understand the fear. And I don’t understand the shame. And worse, by trying to equip her properly for the world, I did not equip her properly for the world at all — the one that is squeamish about kids learning how their bodies work.

I want to teach my kids every single thing I know and I want them to learn even more things.  But it’s tough for even me as an adult to find the delicate balance of being frank and honest about things while not offending anyone’s sensibilities. I’m just not sure I can teach a little child that.  I’m not even should a little child should even know THAT.

I feel like knowledge of the level of idiocy around us every day is the real innocence I’d like to protect.

Hello, World!

I talked to WondaBrad this evening about writing about our process of starting our family and he thought it was a fine idea.

The trick, though, is that we are only now at the very beginning of the process. We don’t have a gestational carrier. We don’t have eggs or embryos. We’re really just one step down the path in that we’ve started the process with the surrogacy agency to find a surrogate.  But we also aren’t ready to tell the world about everything, so these posts won’t be public until such time as we are.

So, this blog is, at present, little more than a private journal. Hopefully, some folks will go back and read the archives once I roll this out public!