Pregnancy Announcements

We’re closing in pretty quickly on the time when husby will officially announce that we’re pregnant.  Yeah, I know. I’ve been talking about it on this blog for months.  But most of my friends and family don’t know about this blog yet.

So, now we’re trying to come up with creative ideas for making the official announcement.

I think we’re probably going to end up with one that involves shoes.

How Parenting Books Reveal Cracks in Your Marriage

I love my husband. He balances me out in a lot of ways. He’s also such a planner that he makes me feel like I’m a wild-haired rebel as I carefully organize my closet by cut and color.

He’s been buying parenting books lately and we’re both looking forward to learning how to actually take care of a baby. But while he is ordering big, thick books about what to expect in the first year and whatnot, this is what I ordered this morning:

heh heh heh… I’m sure he’ll be impressed with my contribution to our project here.


This morning, our baby apps told us that our little one is the size of a strawberry. Another said a date.  Another said a walnut.  Strawberry is obviously the best, but the walnut app also said baby weighs the same as a hummingbird.

This appointment was also the last of the monitoring appointments ordered by the fertility clinic and our surrogate is now falling under the care of the OB.

So far, everything is right on pace!  Progesterone levels are good.  Baby’s heart is beating well and is a good size.

And husby and I are finally getting around to seriously thinking about how we want to announce that we’re expecting.

I wanted to actually make nice little cards and send them out, but he vetoed that idea. But we still want to do a clever picture or something. You know, for Facebook.

The challenge with this, though, is that as I google for these things once you see something kind of cool and clever, you will instantly see that lots of people have done their own version of the same thing. And if you searched for “pregnancy announcements with dogs” you’ll see twice as many.

Anyway, that’s where we’re at!


So, last week, I played hookie from work a little bit and went with Husby to an ultrasound appointment with our surrogate.  AND WE HEARD THE HEARTBEAT!!!

Baby even wiggled a little and flapped her nubs at us! The doctor said it’s just an inch long and kind of flat.

It was SO exciting for us and even though it’s still too early to be confident, baby is going strong and growing just as she should. Our surrogate feels great and says everything is going well on her side, too.


Writer’s Block

This post is procrastination.

Since husby and I started down this path, we’ve been really open with our friends and family about the process.  More open than a lot of people recommend, frankly.  But we feel like it would be beneficial to lots of people if we shared our experience and perspective on things.  And in so doing, lots of people have said, “You should write a book!”

I’ve considered it. I have ideas.  But writing a book is hard!

Where should I start? What should the tone be? I like being silly, but I have some serious points that I’d like to make.  How do I balance my limited patience with actual research and fact-finding with my abject laziness?  Where do I find the time?

Anyway, I sat down to take a stab at writing a little something that could maybe be the beginning of a book and it’s not going anywhere fast.  It’s almost like writing is work. Perish the thought!

So, I’ve been tinkering with my blog here to put it off.  *yawn*  I’m sure a nap would help me put more ink to paper… right?