Our hunt for an IVF doctor continues.  Today, I filled out the health history questionnaire and one of the questions was actually, “Have you ever been exposed to chemicals?”

I answered, “Yes.”

And it asked for details, so I wrote, “Everything is chemicals.”

I realize that this is a flippant response to a serious question, but it’s a stupid question even if it was asked in earnest.  While I may be slightly more science-literate than many, I am FAR from being a doctor and even farther from being a specialist in human reproduction. So, if you are a specialist in reproduction and you are trying to help a layperson, you can’t ask questions like this with any hope of getting useful information.

Have I been drinking from any of those yellow barrels I see lying around in Fallout 4? No, of course not. I don’t even let my adventurer lady in Fallout 4 drink that stuff.

But do I clean the bathtub with substances that are specifically designed to rain death and destruction on anything that may be living in there? Yes. Yes, I do. Could that affect my ability to produce healthy sperm? I don’t know, and this doctor seems to be keeping a lid on such important details for the moment.

So, we’ll see.  I need to go get a sip of dihydrogen monoxide now. I’m feeling parched.

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