So, now I’m going to share some thoughts I have about the game. I have no care for order or spoilers in these thoughts, so take care.

  • The game is a little bit buggy.  They fixed a few of the bugs with updates (Thank GOODNESS they fixed the scaling on making bulk purchases. It was really annoying to sit there to purchase all of a shopkeeper’s wares all at once.  Why isn’t there a “buy all” button akin to the “craft all” button in your arrow quiver, though?)
  • One bug that really annoyed me is that I couldn’t find Daphne after I was done killing all the legendary critters.  I stumbled across her while exploring.
  • If you ain’t know Aspasia is up to no good, you aren’t paying attention.
  • The story is kind of janky and bumpy.  I have no idea if I got the “good” ending or not.  It seemed pretty good. I killed all the cultist and I got my family back together. Yay?
  • It’s not clear to me how your choices would affect the story.  I just tried to be a decent human being and not kill people if I didn’t think they deserved it.
  • Sokrates is annoying as all hell.
  • The inclusion of sailing was utterly unnecessary. I think they included that just because the boats are kind of fun and people loved them in Black Flag.  In this game, it’s a travel obstacle and it’s very slow.
  • I didn’t even go to all the islands on the map because I didn’t need to.  I guess they thought I would just explore those for no reason? Not a bad idea, but everything was SO SLOW that I got to a point where I just wanted to kill cultists and be done with it.
  • Finding some of the cultists is super annoying.
  • I hate when games give you the super badass weapons AFTER you finish the final mission.  Thanks for that.
  • I hated how the various arms of the cult didn’t scale. One of them was an arm you could complete at like level 20 and all the rest said they couldn’t be completed until like 50 or something.
  • I think the worries over leveling were overstated.  You level VERY quickly as you complete missions. If you want to level up on side missions and exploring, you can, but it’s kind of slow.
  • Aside from being in the same universe and interacting with the same aliens, it’s not clear to me how this story connects with the Assassin’s Guild that we’ve come to know and love over the last umpteen games.
  • This game is WAY too long. I don’t know how long I spent on it, but the last time I looked — a couple of weeks ago — I was up over 60 hours in game time. If I had to guess, I’d say it’s up toward 80 hours.  I don’t have any objections to the hours spent, it’s HOW those hours were spent.  And a lot of that time was waiting for the game to load and running cross-country.
  • I don’t blame anyone for not finishing this game.
  • It’s a beautiful game and, as I said before, incredibly detailed. And I like a lot of the mechanics.  And I had a lot of fun with it.  But I also had a lot of boredom with it.  I thought about quitting it SEVERAL times because I felt like the story wasn’t moving and it was the same things over and over again.
  • The skill tree is stupid.  There are WAY too many skills for you to level them all up.  That’s kind of OK because you don’t really need to and you can always reset your skill tree and make new selections.  And that’s exactly what I did once I realized how the skills were working and which ones I liked the best.
  • I hate online/multiplayer stuff, so I didn’t play that.
  • I didn’t spend Orichalcum even once.  
  • I mostly ran out of “ancient tablets” and olive wood.  So, any time you get an opportunity to collect those, you should.
  • I wonder how it would be to play as a dude, but I don’t have the patience to go through the game again because it’s too big and too slow.
  • The portion of the game set in the modern times is typically lame.  But…
  • Now that I’ve finished this game, I think they should make one more game and end the franchise.  It should be set completely in the modern times and you shut down the Templars completely and disband the Assassins.  The end.

So, there you go!

Overall, it’s an OK game. If you like the franchise, it’s a must-play, I think.  If you’re new to the franchise, I would say consider the amount of time and energy you have to commit to it before decided to take this on.

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