My theme for 2018 was Kindness. Practice. and I think it went reasonably well.

My hope was to foster more benevolence in my life, practice more mindfulness, and just generally take a stronger — but kinder — hand in my own life. I had some ups and downs, but I feel like I’m ending 2018 at a higher point than I was at in the beginning.

I’d like to say I meditated consistently all year, but it was really only the first half. And I’d like to say I started a writing practice, but I really didn’t.

I did do my parental leave with our little munchkin and that was a blast. She’s growing so fast!

I read over 130 books thanks to Audible and a job that requires a fair amount of travel. Not to mention all the podcasts I listened to. I don’t know how many hours of podcast I actually listened to, but my subscriptions peaked over 80 at one point and the Overcast app says it saved me “an extra 331 hours beyond speed adjustments alone.” (It’s worth noting that I listen to 99.9% of all my podcasts at over 2x speed.)

I DID start working out regularly thanks to my superslow trainer who does remote training for me and works around my highly variable schedule. And thanks to that, I lost about 20 lbs at one point… and I gained a little back again, but in good places.

Husby and I have been working together on ways to keep our relationship strong, communicative, and happy. With a new baby, I think this is really important.

Work was pretty good, but 2019 is looking like it will be pretty exciting. TOUGH. I’ll have to learn a bunch of new things, but I’m excited about the challenges.

And I do think I managed to be a bit kinder and more mindful throughout the year.

So, yeah! 2018 was a solid year for me, personally.

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