This morning, our baby apps told us that our little one is the size of a strawberry. Another said a date.  Another said a walnut.  Strawberry is obviously the best, but the walnut app also said baby weighs the same as a hummingbird.

This appointment was also the last of the monitoring appointments ordered by the fertility clinic and our surrogate is now falling under the care of the OB.

So far, everything is right on pace!  Progesterone levels are good.  Baby’s heart is beating well and is a good size.

And husby and I are finally getting around to seriously thinking about how we want to announce that we’re expecting.

I wanted to actually make nice little cards and send them out, but he vetoed that idea. But we still want to do a clever picture or something. You know, for Facebook.

The challenge with this, though, is that as I google for these things once you see something kind of cool and clever, you will instantly see that lots of people have done their own version of the same thing. And if you searched for “pregnancy announcements with dogs” you’ll see twice as many.

Anyway, that’s where we’re at!

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