I was in the shower this morning thinking about what it will be like when our baby arrives.  It’s going to suck.

And I am so flippin’ excited about it.

Our baby app says that she’s the size of a coconut this week, but the doctor says that she’s measuring a week or two ahead of schedule.

And when she’s born, she’ll still be teeny tiny, but a whole person! Can you even believe how tiny new babies are?  With their little fingers and toes and legs and face and everything.

We ate dinner at Chick-fil-A last night and I was facing the children’s play place. And there were so many kids in there running and climbing and jumping around.  This one little boy couldn’t have been even two years old, but he was clambering up the big steps all by himself. His mom had to grab him and make sure he didn’t fall down.  But there he was. This small, new, excited particle of humanity, just bumping around in the world.

It’s all so… exciting!

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