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This is such a cute, heart-warming video. It’s also brings up a lot of conflicting feelings for me.

I came out of the closet in college.  I actually had to first admit it to myself and then tell my friends.  It was one of the most difficult things I have ever done, but it also changed my life radically.

It was the late 90s and being gay wasn’t seen in quite the same way as it is seen now.  If I recall correctly, Ellen came out of the closet on television in my freshman year.  The AIDS epidemic was still looming large in our minds, but with education, we came to see it not as an absolute death sentence. There were more gay characters on television. And some states were struggling to figure out how to extend marriage rights to gay people. So, I do see that period in the 90s as a real turning point in our culture toward gay people.

I was fortunate to have friends who supported me. I don’t think I lost any friends over it. Having grown up in a pretty religious household, I was also very lucky to have a mother who also supported me completely. My father didn’t approve, but he claimed to love the sinner anyway.

So, overall, I came out at a pretty good time.  Before social media, but after the internet really started to happen.  Before marriage, but after a point where I could date and go to clubs openly without fear of arrest.

Even though I learned a lot about myself and the world through the process of coming out, I hope my kids never have to do anything like that.  It was so unnecessarily painful.

I’m excited about the fact that they’re going to grow up in a world that is radically different from the one I had as a kid.  Technology has changed everything.  But people have changed, too.  Most people of my generation know gay people and don’t pay it any mind.  Young people scoff at the notion that it would be an issue at all.

I doubt our children will face any problems from their peers from the fact that they will have two dads.

That gives me hope.