I’ve had an idea for a novel — actually a series of novels — bouncing around in my head for at least the last five years.  But I’ve done nothing to actually get it down on paper.  I just keep mulling over characters, scenes, plot ideas… and never really writing any of it down.

I also had an idea for a book of essays about our journey to build our family.  I’ve written exactly none of that, either.

I started an “ideas” document where I jot down ideas for books and stories when they come to me.  But other than that, none of those ideas has ever come close to being realized.

The biggest roadblock I have at the moment when it comes to writing is just starting.  Every time I think of sitting down to write something, I fret over how to make it good.  I firmly believe that good writing comes from great editing.  So, you have to have something written before you can even ask the question of how to make it good.  I wouldn’t say it’s a fear of writing something and it turning out to be bad; a fear of failure.  It’s more like having the idea for taking a nice walk and looking out the window and seeing a giant mountain in the distance and thinking, “Nah. That’s too hard for me.”

The other thing is this: whatever I write at this moment is just not going to be very good.  Because to get good at writing, you have to write. And I’m not writing.  So.

That’s why I’ve posted so much recently.  I have ideas for blog posts, too. But I haven’t been writing them.  So, I’ll start here.  Maybe I’ll write a story or something and share that some time.  I don’t know.  But I’m going to try to get back into the habit of at least sharing some thoughts here.

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