I’ve been mulling over the writing prompt I posted from the other day. I really want to write a story from it and I have a lot of nice threads, but so far I haven’t been able to get them to come together.

The last time I wrote a story was in college for a creative writing class I took. Everything I wrote then was written off the cuff without any attention to plot or theme or anything.

And when I’m writing non-fiction, I also tend to write without a defined outline.  I’m able to visualize the argument and flow in my head and just write it all out. And when it’s done, that’s when I go back and tweak.  That ability comes, I think, simply from all the practice I’ve had in school and blogging and all that.

Fiction is different, though.  I have less practice and I feel like the control I have as the author has to be less apparent since I’m not necessarily writing in my own, personal voice. I want to make sure all the characters’ motivations align properly and their actions make sense in their context.  And I want to make sure that the story resolves properly.

I sort of feel like I’m biting off more than I can chew. I mean, I CAN do it. It’s hard work. But it’s just work.

So, anyway. This writing update is that I don’t have an update. I’m just noodling and making notes and sketching ideas.  I haven’t written a single word for an actual story yet.

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