Husby and I just got back from our “Babies 101” class.  I found it generally helpful, but not as much in terms of providing us with specific information — although we did learn a lot of specific things — but more in terms of reassuring us that we can handle this whole baby thing.

I felt pretty confident that we are better prepared than most. Husby is VERY much a planner and we’ve had the majority of our nursery all done for the last 4 months at least.  And I also felt like we had a good handle on the basics of baby care, but husby felt like we weren’t and that other expecting parents probably know more than we do.

We got to the class and there are lots of very nice couples there.  And we quickly learned that we were already better informed and prepared than most even though we’re only about a month ahead of most of them.

So, yeah. It was very reassuring and we learned some good things.

A few things we learned/confirmed:

  • Don’t freak out because newborn babies are super gross and do lots of weird, gross things for the first few weeks/months.  Whatever it is that you think is not right, is probably actually fine.
  • You can get pertussis vaccines basically anywhere that you can get a flu shot.
  • You really don’t really need a crib for the first six months or so.
  • You don’t need a good 75% of the things baby places are trying to sell you.

I’ve said since the beginning that I am skeptical of all the doubt and worry out there about caring for babies.  People had babies in caves, covered wagons, and castles.  It’s 2017 now and nothing we have in our house is likely to be as bad as all that.  This class confirmed a lot of that.

Yes, babies do have some special needs.  And there are some more or less optimal ways to try to proceed.  But mostly you just have to pay attention to your baby and be flexible about your plans while they figure out how to survive outside the womb.