I am still alive, I promise!

I had a lot of travel this past week for business and was kept away from the internets more than usual. That’s why I’ve been so quiet.

But a lot of things have happened.  First of all, husby and I took our baby class last weekend and since then we’ve both gotten very excited about the new baby. It’s finally sunken in that she’s coming soon.  AND the OB told our surrogate last week that baby is in position.  Which is great because last week we crossed the 37 week mark, which means we’re technically at full term!

So, the baby will be here any moment.  The consensus seems to be that she’ll be here somewhere between the 7th and the 9th.

Husby and I already have our bag packed and everything we need for when she goes into labor all in the car.

This means that all that travel I did last week is the last travel I’ll do before the baby is born!!!

So, anyway, I’m now trying to catch up on the blogging I would have done while I was traveling.

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