Welp! 2017 is off to a start and, so far, it’s a mixed bag.  It’s mostly good, though.

First, the good news: I started a new job! WOOHOO! And I am loving it.  I’m getting paid more and the benefits are really great.  But the really fun part is the atmosphere of the new company. Everyone is so nice and helpful. Even the desktop services guy was chipper and friendly and eager to help.  He even wanted to do MORE work rather than force me to use a new system. (I like to embrace new technology and change, though, so I insisted that he let me try out the new system before bothering to set me up on the old one.  My boss is great and my teammates are cool.  I’m really excited to get into the thick of things.

And husby has had some huge wins at his job, too.  AND he received a really nice bit of recognition for his accomplishments from the CEO!

Alas, our baby project is facing still more setbacks.  We have embryos at this point, but they have to go through genetic testing before we can arrange for the transfer to the surrogate.  But the genetic testing we want requires cheek swabs from our parents and the egg donor.

So, of course, the egg donor moved and didn’t tell anyone, so she never received her cheek swab kit. And she didn’t mention that for three weeks.  And our parents had some mishaps with their kits, so they have to do over.

At this point, it looks like we’ve missed the window for a February transfer and now we’re looking at March.

It was over a year ago that we started this process.  And there’s a very real chance that it will be another year before Knuckles joins our team of superheroes.

Husby has broken through the frustration and anger at all the miscommunications, errors, mistakes, hassles, and added costs and has resigned himself just keep pushing forward.

I’m still pissed off.


So, week 2 of 2017 needs to be about me adjusting my attitude about all of this

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