I was a Spanish minor in college, but I never really attained a level that I would call “fluent.”  And since college, I’ve never gotten much practice with it even though I really wish I could.

I’ve tried language podcasts, but they’re usually very boring and cover silly practice conversations that don’t help me.  And I tried listening to Radio Ambulante, which is great… except it is far, FAR too advanced for me.

I was out running errands during lunch today and I listened to NPR and they had a commercial for News in Slow from Linguistica 360. So, I decided to check it out and it’s great!

The episodes are short (usually <10 minutes) and the speakers go over current events and then do a quick language lesson.  It’s quick, interesting, relevant, and helpful.  Oh. And the speakers speak VERY slowly so learners like me can follow along.

They have French, Spanish, Italian, German, and English.

Highly recommended!