There’s this “challenge” going around Facebook to post one photo every day for seven days. The photos have to be in black and white. They can’t contain any people and you’re not supposed to offer any explanations.  You’re also supposed to tag other people to participate in the challenge, but I don’t do that because a lot of my friends are assholes who hate that kind of thing and I wouldn’t want to presume.  Usually, I am such an asshole, but because this isn’t attached to anything schmaltzy or some weird political cause or anything like that and because I’ve never really worked with black and white photography, I thought this seemed like fun.

So, here are the pictures I posted.  The thing is, though, as I went back through to find my posts, I discovered that I accidentally posted eight photos. Apparently, I lost count of the days somewhere around the time my daughter was being born. I think that’s understandable and it has the added benefit of meaning I posted more pictures! I also added an extra picture that I had for the challenge just so that there would be a nice grid of pictures here.

Anyway, here they are!