Our Embryo!

Our embryo after thawing

On Monday, husby and I went down to Newport Beach for the embryo transfer to our surrogate!

They said it thawed out just fine and still looked very strong.  And the transfer went off without a hitch!

It was actually a really smooth process and we even got to watch it happen via the sonogram, which they printed out and gave to us.  You can’t really see the embryo on the sonogram because it’s so tiny, but when they transfer the embryo it is in a tube with a bubble on either side. The bubbles show up on the sonogram as bright white spots so they know the embryo is between them somewhere.

There’s still a big journey ahead of us. We’re at a point in the pregnancy where most women who conceived the “old fashioned way” don’t even know they’re pregnant and a lot can go wrong still.

10 days after the transfer, our Gestational Carrier (GC. This seems to be the preferred term instead of “surrogate” actually, but it sounds very sterile and people look at you funny when you say it.) will take a pregnancy test.  And a week after that, they’ll do a sonogram just to make sure a sack has started to form.  A week after that — near the end of March — we may be able to detect a heartbeat.

But the doctor says that we need to keep our fingers crossed until we’re through the first trimester.  That is, of course, why we’re not making any grand announcements yet.

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