As many of my friends already know, I don’t do resolutions.  I think if you have some specific goal or task that you want to accomplish, you should just go do that without any consideration for the time of the year.  Yes, I know that there’s a psychological significance to the new year and all that, but still. I’m not about that life.

Instead, I like to choose themes for the year.  For 2017, my theme was “Drive.”

The idea was that I needed to take a more active role in my life and resist inertia, which has me sitting on the sofa more than I should.  And I think I did a reasonably good job at that over this year.

  • Husby and I both started new jobs.
  • I did pretty well at starting out in my new job!
  • We had a baby!
  • Although I have yet to produce a single piece of fiction that I would show anyway, I was more active in terms of planning and working toward that goal.
  • I read a LOT.
  • We moved house and got that whole thing sorted.
  • I met some financial objectives that I had set for myself.
  • I started meditating again and have found it very helpful.

That’s just a taste of all the things I did/accomplished this year.  Overall, I think it was a good year!

I’ll write about my 2018 theme later.

PHOTO CREDIT: Taras Makarenko from Pexels