Summary: (3/5 stars) I thoroughly enjoyed the first of the Tufa novels, but even though this book had a lot of the same color and tone of the first book, it didn’t manage to recapture the magic. I think it’s probably because the main character is different and the overarching conflict between the two fairy families doesn’t expand in a very satisfying way. I think there are five of these books and I’ll keep reading, but now without the same anticipation.

SPOILER WARNING: From this point forward, I’m going to discuss this book without any concern about spoilers. So, if you don’t like spoilers you should stop reading now.

Wisp of a Thing is set in Cloudy county, TN where The Hum and the Shiver took place, but picks up with a new main character, Rob Quillen.  Quillen comes to town after achieving some minor fame as a musician on a reality competition show called So You Think You Can Sing and the tragic death of his girlfriend.  He came to town because he was told by a mysterious old man that he could find a song in the valley that would cure his heartache.  So, he’s in the valley to find that song and uncovers a whole lot more.

A number of the supporting cast and the villains from the previous book appear here, so it isn’t as if the reader is coming into this world completely anew.  But the main character is a non-Tufa human and his primary connection into the Tufa world comes through one of the supporting characters from the first book.  This novel also doesn’t pick up the stories of some of the other characters from the first book that I was hoping to hear about.

It’s a fine book.  The magic is explained a little more thoroughly and comes to the foreground of the story a bit more than in the last book.  The characters are still solid and unique.

But because it picks up a whole new thread apart from the first book, it felt disjointed to me and I was disappointed.  I hope that these threads come together in the next book because this book really diminished my interest in the series as a whole.

AFFILIATE LINK:  Wisp of a Thing (Tufa #2) by Alex Bledsoe