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Parent Spies

The latest episode of Longest Shortest Time talks about parents who spy (intentionally and unintentionally) on their children.  It’s a really great episode.  Hillary talks to her cousin, Rob, who actively spies on his teen daughter. And she talks to Read more…

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Internet Stuff

Security Update

Last night, I received an email from Facebook saying that I had registered using a particular email address.  I checked out everything with the email (all the links were directed to Facebook.com, the sender was Facebookmail.com [I verified that that’s Read more…

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Every parent wants their child to be smart, but I really think the majority of smarts is really just hard work. I was a precocious child.  I took to new words easily. I read readily.  Math was initially very easy, Read more…

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LGBT Stuff

Be True to Yourself

[fvplayer src=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yOXKf_nPWpk”] This is such a cute, heart-warming video. It’s also brings up a lot of conflicting feelings for me. I came out of the closet in college.  I actually had to first admit it to myself and then tell Read more…

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