Vacation Refresh

Husby and I made a VERY relaxing trip to Texas over this past week.  We’re both fortunate to work for companies that shut down for the week of US Independence Day, so we stayed with some friends and spent the majority of the week floating around in their pool. Miracle Read more…

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Pregnancy Announcements

We’re closing in pretty quickly on the time when husby will officially announce that we’re pregnant.  Yeah, I know. I’ve been talking about it on this blog for months.  But most of my friends and family don’t know about this blog yet. So, now we’re trying to come up with Read more…

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This morning, our baby apps told us that our little one is the size of a strawberry. Another said a date.  Another said a walnut.  Strawberry is obviously the best, but the walnut app also said baby weighs the same as a hummingbird. This appointment was also the last of Read more…

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Writer’s Block

This post is procrastination. Since husby and I started down this path, we’ve been really open with our friends and family about the process.  More open than a lot of people recommend, frankly.  But we feel like it would be beneficial to lots of people if we shared our experience Read more…

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Finally, Some Good News

We learned yesterday that we have SIX euploidic embryos to work with.  The genetic testing isn’t complete, but this fact does clear the way for us to start planning the transfer, which should happen about three weeks after our surrogate starts her cycle. This is so incredible that I almost Read more…

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Sooooooo… Yeah.

When I made the decision to start this blog, I thought I would have tons of ideas about things to post. I follow some parenting blogs and they’re full of stuff.  But, honestly, it’s actually pretty tough to think about being a parent when you’re not even imminently going to Read more…

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2017 Madness

WOW. It’s going to be really tough to stay on topic here at this blog.  There are SO many things happening in the world and — like basically everyone on the internet — I have a lot of thoughts and things I want to say. But I am REALLY going Read more…

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